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Bringing You Our Assembling Expertise

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Our Services

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Furniture Assembling

Performed pre-assembly quality checks on all parts of furniture. Positioned, glue, fastened and assembled all components and fixtures of furniture. Examined assembled furniture product to ensure conformance to quality standards. Clean up the workspace and remove trash from the assembly area.

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Small Parts Assembling


Produces components by assembling parts and subassemblies. Assembles components by examining connections for correct fit, fasting parts and subassemblies. Read and deciphers schematics, blueprints and assembly instructions. Verifies specifications by measuring completed components. Use hand tools or machines to assemble parts. Conducts quality control checks.


Delivery Services

Four Easy Steps

1. Call We Assemble and schedule an appointment

2. We Assemble will pick up customer  purchases from the assigned location

3. Assemble product for customer

4. Deliver assembled products to customers' homes or businesses.


About Us

We Assemble knows there are numerous products sold today that require assembling by the purchaser; however, assembling these products often is not as easy as advertised. This is where We Assemble would like to assist you by alleviating this inconvenience. We Assemble value our customers and do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. We Assemble provide products assembling or disassembling at an affordable price. We Assemble will pick up goods from the assigned location and deliver to customers home or business for an additional fee.

Our Core Values

Team Work



What Our Clients Say

Maggie Kahn


Lead Consultant


Our lead consultant, Maggie Kahn, will give you the advice you need. She is an seasoned Tax Consultant of 20 years who's passion for helping others shines through.

Carl McCarthy


Financial Advisor


Carl McCarthy, our lead Financial Advisor, has 15 years of experience. He's advised countless couples and companies setting them up for financial success.

Alex Boyd


Tax Consultant


Alex Boyd has been on our team since 2008. She's consulted with many high profile companies such as Coke a Cola and Nike, but serves her individual clients with the same level of effort.

Contact Us

For any questions or inquiries, please contact us below. 

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